Bilgewater is a small town in the Gentle Prairie which has grown and prospered into a small, bustling place of life.


Bilgewater was founded by Sir Torik Horn, who decided to settle down after a life of adventurering. His followers soon set up homes beside him, and the small group of homes began to grow. Before death, Torik left the dukeship of the town to his close friend Rowen Hadflur, and promised him that his eldest son would become Duke after him, and his eldest son would be Duke after him, and so on. Torik died on February 12, DR 1078, at the age of 394.


Bilgewater stayed a small, poor village until Darrak Hadflur became Duke. Under his rule, Bilgewater grew and prospered. Soon, it became a small city, attracting immigrants from all over the Gentle Prairie. Farmers grew corn and wheat in mass numbers, enough to feed tens of thousands of people.

The Starving

Soon, the population became to much to control. After an entire dwarf clan was forced to move into the city, the entire city began to starve. Wheat became scarce, and many people began to move out of the city. When Darrak Hadflur was exposed as a traitor and the dwarves got their homes back, the population loss stilled. Bilgewater will problably never get back up to its old glory, though, because not many people want to move into a city that’s most beloved leader was exposed as a murderer and villain.


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