Nerull's Altar

The Mine

The adventurers were at a pub when the Duke’s soldiers stormed in, looking for a dwarf who stole bread from the storehouse. After the PCs find the dwarf, he brings them back to his village to show them that he stole the bread only to feed his family. The entire village has been starving ever since goblins pushed them out of their cave. Just as the characters are about to leave to kill the goblins, however, the Duke’s soldiers apprehend them for letting the dwarf escape.

The soldiers are brought before the Duke, Darrak Hadflur, who tells them that he should kill them. However, he says, he will let them go free and give them a reward if they go down to the dwarven cave, also a mine for the Duke, and kill all of the goblins so the mine can resume production. Before they go, one of the dwarves, Keegan Ironsword, offers to go with them. The adventurers graciously accept his offer.

The characters travel to the cave, barely surviving a wolverine attack along the way. Once arriving, the chief foreman of the mine, Andor Greatness, pushes them into the mine. The adventurers defeat some goblins, but the goblin attacks become scarcer as they head deep into the cave. After getting past a very advanced trap, the adventurers come to the conclusion that the cave is hiding something.

After reaching a room deep inside the cave, the characters and Keegan find an altar of Nerull, the god of death. The figures worshipping at it flip around, and it is revealed that they are the Duke and Andor. After a long and grueling fight, the characters slay Andor and mortally wound Darrak. The characters find a scroll and a hefty sum of gold pieces also in the room. After leaving , the characters go before the new duke, who tells them that Bilgewater’s time will be over soon.


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