Keegan Ironsword

A dwarf who was aided by the heroes in reclaiming his home


Keegan Ironsword and his clan were pushed out of their home cave by goblins and two mysteriously cloaked figures. After they lost their home, they had none more to do than walk up to the prosperous town of Bilgewater and start new lives. They set up a small village of dwarves on the eastern corner of the land.

However, the village caused the downfall of the town. Massive food shortages went underhand, and the village began to starve. Keegan was forced to steal from the Bilgewater storehouse just to survive, and he soon stopped even that because it felt so wrong.

When adventurers were leaving to go down to his former home, Keegan graciously asked to go with them. They accepted, and after a long day’s walk and some trouble with a wolverine, they got to the mine. Keegan helped the adventurers defeat and expose Darrak Hadflur as a traitor. As a reward, Keegan got his clan’s old home back and was given a hefty sum of gold to use for himself.

Keegan Ironsword

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