Darrak Hadflur

Traitorous Duke of Bilgewater


Darrak ruled Bilgewater for 14 years, and Bilgewater prospered and grew under his rule. However, things begin to go sour after a vital mine to Bilgewater and a home to a clan of dwarves is overrun by goblins. The dwarves moved in to Bilgewater and massive food shortages came over. When a group of adventurers were about to be killed for treason, Darrak instead sent them to the mine to clear out the goblins.

This was a mistake. Inside the mine, the adventurers found the site of the altar of Nerull, and caught Darrak and his fellow follower Andor praying on it. For Darrak had secretly been a horrible man all those years, only using Bilgewater to increase his personal fortune. He was a follower of Nerull, the god of death, and was a part in the pushing out of the dwarves. The characters defeated him, however, and brought him back to Bilgewater to face the heat.

Darrak Hadflur

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